Album Recording of September Sound

Recording music is like capturing a moment in time for me. It can not be recreated but can be replayed if you record it. That’s what we did in a November’s day in 2016 and with John (Bass), Mathias (Drums and Vocals) and me in the same room, and spending Friday setting microphones up and in a way that would capture the right sound. Exactly as you would hear it if you were in the room with us.

Saturday and Sunday we recorded a set of 10 songs 6 times, so by the time we hit Sunday night we were playing them pretty tight, though a bit tired of the songs.

I suddenly had a lot of music, which I subsequently listened through again and again, so I could hear the details of each version. I ended up with a version of each song where I think we played the best. That took 4 long days.

I then took the recordings to Dr. Dan (Haldager) who mixed the songs, added the organ and lapsteel with Asger Søgaard Hajslund. We added electric guitar, pedalsteel, mandolin, banjo, piano and organ. And finally, Carsten Forest mastered it. So the final album is just a polished version of a moment in November 2016. I hope you like it.

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