Planning the album launch – September Sound

This is a guest blogpost from one of Frederik’s partners in crime, Jomar. Frederik is currently producing Jomar’s EP which is due to be completed in April 2018.

So, I’m sitting here with Frederik, mucking around on this website for him, setting up the blog section, as a part of our regular Friday music production and planning meetings. One of the things on the agenda today was to talk about marketing his up and coming album launch of September sound.

Jomar: So you’ve got the album recorded, mixed and at final stages of mastering?

Frederik: Yes.

Jomar: Cool! So what’s the plan, when is it launching, where is there a launch party..?

Frederik: I don’t know.

Jomar: OK. so… Maybe we should talk about that now?

Frederik: Yes.

Jomar: OK. So, let’s do just that… and at the same time… I’m going to blog about it for you.

So here I am, writing this post, sitting next to the man himself, and here’s some of the thoughts we are going to run through (As lunch slowly bakes in the oven…

As always with any kind of planning, let’s begin with the end in mind…

The Launch Party

Venue… Hmmm. I said Råhuset (50 people is)… Frederik says ‘Vega Ideal bar’ (200 people). I say… OK. I’m thinking cost efficiency, and a full room. Anyway, let’s put together a short list of venues…

  • Råhuset
  • Vega Ideal Bar
  • Dropp Inn
  • Cafe Nutid
  • CMC – Copenhagen Music Centre

The Budget

Jomar: So are you thinking of a venue where we can get the venue at no-charge if we get an audience (That consume drinks) or do you have a budget for a venue and catering.

Frederik: I don’t know. Where did I put my stupid phone…

Jomar: OK… let’s email a few places…

Lunch is now ready

On a side note: it’s a chicken and bacon cream pie (Imported from Ireland), topped with sabacche mayonnaise chill sauce, a side of ketchup, sweet chilli and salad served with a Goma dressing.


So there are 500 physical vinyl albums that will be produced. YES!

Frederik is waiting for an idea on the delivery of test Vinyl  copies will be sent. This means that dates will revolve around 2 things… 1. the amount of time that we need to market the launch and 2. the delivery of the final product (Albums – no CD’s) to be available at the launch. “Hipster”, says Frederik.

Back to dates.. right now it is the middle of October… with a good lead up time and avoiding Christmas parties, we are looking at middle January.

Marketing stuff:

Frederik has 8 videos already produced that we can use for marketing, we’ll also need some design layout for posters, postcards and digital banners. Frederik is following up a designer friend to see if he is up for helping.



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