About my Solo Stuff

A lot of my creative process has been in the times that I’ve had on my own. Over the years, I’ve recorded, performed and film some of my songs.

I’ve hit the stage like 300+ times and 40+ home concerts solo. I do love that intimate connection you can get with the audience when you are on your own and bearing you soul to those in front of you.

Klaverfabrikken is every year a part of the cultural night i Hillerød. Benjamin Aggerbæk and I hosted at stage with young local talent, like we’re hosting a monthly Open Stage at Kaffebar, and I’m always the opening act. This time I put up two cameras up and got a stereo mix from the mixer. After a little work this three video came to live. “Let You Go” is a part of the up and coming record September Sound. The song is written with Isaac Hayden

I the past year I have written quit a lot songs or fine tuned some of the older ones. The song written with Stacy Widelitz on the piano in november 2015. I have played the song in a lot of different version but ended up i this guitar voicing and arrangement. So this song needed quit a lot of work before it turned up this way, but I like it. I hope you like it to

This is the first time I’ve heard the song recorded. “Land of the Wooden Box” is written with Tom Haley in Nashville, April 2017, so the song i also new for me. The break part could easily have been better.

Nearly any place and anytime of the year, I’m ready to get out and record. The cold Nordic seasons can be a challenge especially on the hands, but sometimes this just adds to the moment.

The seagulls kept me company

It’s so much fun to write songs, but it’s a lot of work to remember the lyrics. And guess… I messed up the lyrics!


In 2014, I broke my left hand. Instead of falling into a world of depression, I got creative and found so new techniques to play. Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!

I hated lemons after 4 months

I recorded the first home concert i played when I’ve moved to Nørrebro. Christian Scheuer is playing the piano.

This song is recorded at Kent Kaffelabtorium, which is my favorite closed coffee shop. I liked the way the bathroom look, so Alexander was behind the camera and I played, while the staff was cleaning.